BBL Injections and Emsculpt: The Ultimate Non-surgical Butt Lift

Made famous by Hollywood celebrities and social media influencers, it seems that the big butt trend is here to stay. As such, the demand for butt enhancing treatments has increased dramatically in the last few years. After all, many of us struggle to naturally achieve the firm, rounded buttocks that are so popular, regardless of how many squats and lunges we do.

Many people looking for a larger derrière often turn to a Brazilian Butt Lift – a surgical procedure that involves removing excess fat from the abdomen or hips through liposuction and transferring it to the buttocks. In fact, between the years 2000 and 2015, this procedure is said to have increased by 252 percent! However, Brazilian Butt Lift is known to be the most dangerous cosmetic surgery, with a death rate of around one in 3,000.

So, if exercise fails to produce results and surgery is too dangerous, what can be done to achieve your booty goals? At Skin Confidence Clinic, Dr Rose offers a unique combination of Brazilian Butt Lift Injections and Emsculpt body contouring for the ultimate non-surgical butt lift. Keep reading to learn more.

Brazilian Butt Lift Injections

For a non-surgical alternative to the invasive Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery, Dr Rose offers collagen stimulating injections to increase volume in the buttocks. Also known as a liquid butt lift, these injections replenish lost collagen in the skin to immediately improve the structure, elasticity and volume of the buttocks.

As the body absorbs these injections, further collagen growth is naturally stimulated. This new collagen growth will continue over the following months so that you can enjoy natural-looking, long-lasting butt lifting results. Expect results to appear gradually over the following months and last for up to two years, after which yearly touchups may be required.

Before your treatment, Dr Rose will apply a topical anaesthetic to eliminate discomfort and mark your injection sites. She will then carefully administer your injections and gently massage the area to distribute the product evenly. You will be able to return to your usual activities immediately after treatment.

EmSculpt Butt Lift

When Brazilian Butt Lift injections are combined with Emsculpt body contouring treatments, you can expect enhanced results for the ultimate non-surgical butt lift procedure. EmSculpt treatments use focused, high-intensity electromagnetic energy to create supramaximal muscle contractions, which simply cannot be achieved through voluntary muscle action. In fact, just one Emsculpt treatment provides the equivalent of doing 20,000 squats at the gym!

Such an increase in muscle contractions works to build muscle mass and increase the strength and tone of the gluteal region. Simultaneously, Emsculpt works to increase fat metabolism to destroy unwanted pockets of fat, leaving you with a firm, fit buttock contour.

During your Emsculpt treatment, Dr Rose will strap a paddle around your buttocks, which will do all of the work. You may feel an intense, vibrating sensation as your muscles contract, however, you should not experience any pain. For best results, we usually recommend four sessions over the course of two weeks. Through continued exercise and healthy eating habits, you can expect your Emsculpt treatments indefinitely.

Achieve your dream booty – ONLY at Skin Confidence Clinic

Ready to firm, sculpt and lift your booty? Dr Rose’s effective combination of BBL injections and Emsculpt is unique to Skin Confidence CBD and Teneriffe clinics. Book your consultation today to learn more.

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