Hand Rejuvenation

Hand Rejuvenation Brisbane

Hand Rejuvenation

Today’s cosmetic procedures are designed to address the common signs of ageing. Many patients seek treatment to rejuvenate the face and neck. However, many forget about other areas that show significant signs of ageing, the hands being one of them.

At Skin Confidence Clinic, we offer a selection of proven hand rejuvenation treatments. In some instances, a combination of treatment is required to address dark spots, volume loss and bulging veins. All treatments are minimally invasive, safe and produce noticeable results.

Hand Rejuvenation Treatment Options

We offer surgical and non-surgical hand rejuvenation options. We will discuss these options with you during your personalised consultation. These are the treatments available to you:

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are very often associated with treating lines and wrinkles on the face. They’re now also a popular hand rejuvenation treatment. Not only does the filler restore volume but it encourages collagen production too. This helps produce long-lasting results.

During treatment, several small injections are used across both hands to achieve the desired outcome. There may be some slight swelling and bruising after treatment but this subsides relatively quickly. Dermal fillers produce instant and ongoing results that last for several months.


This innovative laser treatment uses ultra-short pulses to rejuvenate the hands at a cellular level. The laser will be adjusted based on your specific concerns prior to your treatment.

During your session, the light from the laser is absorbed by the damaged cells, which are then destroyed and naturally eliminated by the body. The average appointment lasts about 20 minutes and the use of a topical numbing cream ensures you’re comfortable.

Several sessions are required to improve the texture and appearance of the hands. Each treatment will be scheduled four to six weeks apart to give the skin time to heal. Results will gradually appear over the course of two weeks.

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Many people forget about other areas
that show significant signs of ageing,
the hands being one of them


LaseMD is a fractional non-ablative laser that creates micro-channels in the underlying tissue of the hands. These channels help increase the production of collagen and elastin, which will improve the overall appearance of your hands.

There are three different levels that can be selected to treat specific concerns. In the case of hand rejuvenation, Level I & II are ideal. These levels will lightly exfoliate the skin and stimulate the tissue at a cellular level.

The average LaseMD session lasts about 20 to 30 minutes and patients can resume their usual routine directly after their appointment. At least three treatments are usually required to fully rejuvenate the hands.

Chemical Peel

In the same way that chemical peels can rejuvenate the face, they have the same effect on the skin on your hands. When a chemical peel is applied, it removes damaged skin cells to reveal a fresh layer of blemish-free skin.

During treatment, the peel will need to be left on the skin for a set amount of time. This depends on the type of peel that’s used and your skin type. Patients will feel a warm and tingling sensation as the peel activates but no pain.

Over the course of the next few days, the skin on the hands will gradually peel away. Since your skin will be slightly red and sensitive, it’s important to follow our specific aftercare instructions. The results of a peel will last for varying amounts of time. We will discuss this with you during your consultation. Maintenance peels may be required to retain your results.

Hand Rejuvenation

At Skin Confidence clinic we offer surgical and non-surgical hand rejuvenation options

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