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Sweat Reduction Injections Brisbane

What is Sweat Reduction Injections

Sweating is a normal bodily function for some but not for others. Excessive sweating, also referred to as hyperhidrosis, is a condition linked to overactive sweat glands. Instead of sweating due to stress or temperature fluctuations, sweating can occur for absolutely no reason at all.

There are several reasons why hyperhidrosis develops, including underlying medical conditions.

At Skin Confidence Clinic, we use sweat reduction injections to reduce this often embarrassing concern. The injections contain a neurotoxin that prevents the sweat glands from producing sweat unnecessarily.

The results are long-lasting and can help you feel more confident in both professional and social situations.

What to Expect

Prior to administering the injections, a topical numbing agent will be applied to the area, ensuring you’re comfortable throughout.

The sweat reduction injections can be used on any area that sweats excessively. The underarms, scalp, hands and feet are the areas that are usually treated. The ingredients in the injections will block the overactive nerves that activate the sweat glands. Several injections will be required to achieve the desired outcome.

The average sweat reduction treatment lasts about 30 minutes and you are free to resume your usual activities directly afterwards.

The treated area may be slightly tender and bruised after your treatment but this won’t prevent you from resuming your usual routine. Patients should, however, avoid strenuous exercise and extreme temperatures for a day or two after treatment. Rubbing the area or lying down directly after your appointment is also discouraged

As time goes on, patients will find that they require fewer injections less often, making it easier to retain the effects.

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The results are long-lasting and can
help you feel more confident in both professional
and social situations

Ideal Candidates for Sweat Reduction Injections

To determine whether you’re an ideal candidate for anti-wrinkle injections, your medical history and skin will need to be evaluated. Genetics, hormonal imbalances and certain medications can all cause excessive sweating. It’s important that these underlying concerns first be addressed to eliminate this condition in the future. Sweat reduction ingredients can help get the sweating under control. Pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as those with underlying nerve conditions, can’t receive these injections.

Sweat Reduction Injection Results

Patients will need to wait about a week to start experiencing the treatment results. The results can last up to six months but this will be different for everyone. Since the effects are not permanent, top-up treatments will be required. As soon as you start sweating unnecessarily again, you’ll know it’s time to receive another round of injections at Skin Confidence Clinic.

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Patients should avoid strenuous exercise and extreme temperatures for a day or two after treatment

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