Lip Volume Treatment Brisbane

Lip Volume Treatment Brisbane

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What is lip volume treatment

Many people wish to alter their cosmetic appearance by changing their facial volume. This can be due to the natural ageing process, which can cause a person’s lips to become thinner and cheeks to lose volume. With age, the skin also loses its elastic strength. Therefore, aesthetic treatment for lips (also known as lip fillers) can help to address volume loss and other cosmetic concerns a person may have.

If you have cosmetic concerns in areas such as the cheeks or lips, our treatments at Skin Confidence Clinic in Brisbane may be a good option for you. Seek a consultation with one of our dermal therapists and discover what you can expect from lip treatment for volume loss. We will provide further information about what the procedure entails, including details about how the lip volume treatment works and the results you can expect.

The benefits

The benefits of lip volume treatments are varied. What one patient achieves may be very different from another, in line with their unique features, health situation, and desires.

Due to the natural ageing process, the shape and fat distribution of the face can change. This often comes along with changes in skin quality due to a gradual loss of collagen. With fewer collagen fibres to keep the skin strong, men and women may experience some loss of firmness. All of these factors can contribute to aesthetic changes in the shape of the cheeks, jawline, and lips. If lips are your concern, you may seek cosmetic lip treatment for volume loss.

Our dermal clinicians are well-trained in helping patients treat their concerns related to ageing. Some may have concerns about naturally slim lips, while others may be concerned about asymmetry or changes in shape over time. We are able to design a personalised plan for your lip volume treatment, using professional knowledge and a patient-centred approach.


Before going ahead with your lip treatment for volume loss, we will want to get an idea of what outcomes you would like for your lips or other facial features. We will also provide you with a personalised recommendation based on your face shape and structure.

You can expect to discuss your goals and desired outcomes with us, so that we can cater to you. Then, we can continue with the lip volume treatment itself. Our clinician will carefully administer the treatment, abiding by your personalised treatment plan. It should not take longer than 20 to 30 minutes to complete.

Generally, no downtime (recovery time) is necessary, so you are free to return to work directly after your appointment. However, there are certain aftercare guidelines you will need to follow in order to encourage a positive outcome.

It’s important to protect your treatment sites from direct sun exposure and to avoid vigorous exercises until the effects of the procedure have settled. It’s also important not to rub or touch your lips or other treatment areas too much. You will also need to wait for any swelling to subside before you are able to see the final results.

Good candidates for volume treatments:

To determine whether you’re a good candidate for this procedure, we will need to speak personally with you. We will evaluate your medical history and skin during a consultation. In general, you might be a good candidate if you:

  • Are at least 18 years old
  • Have concerns about lip, cheek, or jawline volume and fullness
  • Are not pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Are physically and mentally healthy
  • Have no history of nerve diseases or bleeding disorders
  • You are aware of the risks

Get in touch


If you would like to come in for a consultation or find out more about a procedure, please fill in the form below and we will get back to you shortly.

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Lip volume treatment at Skin
Confidence Clinic can treat various areas
to help meet your aesthetic goals.

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We will adjust the lip volume treatment according to your desired result. However, be mindful that results will vary, and you will need to discuss your expected goals with us before treatment.


The role of the consultation is important when approaching a cosmetic treatment. It allows us to gather details about your cosmetic concerns and goals. It also helps us understand your needs in terms of health and medical history. This way, we can design a lip volume treatment plan that matches your aesthetic desires, while at the same time considering your health and well-being. Additionally, you can ask further questions and ensure you are aware of the benefits, risks, and aftercare.

Before your lip volume treatment, you should adhere to the following instructions:

  • Avoid acne medications
  • Avoid taking supplements that could increase your risk of complications
  • Stop smoking a few weeks before your treatment to prevent delayed healing
  • Stop taking blood thinners one week before your treatment to decrease your risk of bleeding and bruising
  • Avoid drinking alcohol

How much do lip volume treatments cost in Brisbane?

At Skin Confidence, we treat every patient as the individual they are. Depending on the condition of your lips or desired treatment areas, and your desired results, you may require a more or less in-depth treatment process.

During your initial lip volume consultation at Skin Confidence, we will examine your lips (or other desired treatment sites) and recommend a treatment plan. At this time, we will provide a detailed breakdown of the costs involved. For further questions about the costs of a lip contouring treatment, speak to our team at Skin Confidence Clinic.

Aftercare for lip rejuvenation treatment

There will be some mild swelling directly after your cosmetic volume treatment, which means you won’t immediately see the results. The final results of your lip volume treatment will only be visible several days later and will last anywhere from six months to a year. After such time, the effects of the lip volume treatment will slowly dissipate. To maintain the results, you may need additional treatments in the future.

Before you go home, we will give you specific instructions to help avoid complications. It’s important to be careful with your treatment sites, as they will need to have appropriate care as they heal. This may include the following:

  • Apply an ice pack to your lips and surrounding areas
  • Avoid exposing your lips to intense heat
  • Avoid lipstick for 24 hours
  • Do not pick or massage the injection sites
  • Avoid strenuous exercises to prevent additional bruising
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Use multiple pillows to keep your head elevated when sleeping
  • Use sunscreen and wear protective clothing when going outdoors

Potential side effects

Any side effects associated with volumising treatments are typically temporary and mild. You may experience some bleeding, swelling, bruising, redness and tenderness. However, this is normal and should be resolved within a few days.

However, you should also make yourself aware of the possible risks. Although, less common, complications can occur as a result of poor aftercare, inadequate planning, or some unforeseen issue. There’s also a chance that you may not like the results and may choose to reverse the treatment. Other risks include infection, allergic reactions, prolonged pain, and poor results.

If you experience any of these or any other adverse effects, make sure that you contact the clinic. We can provide further advice as needed.

Although risks are present no matter your choice of clinic, they can be heightened due to a lack of skill on the part of your cosmetic therapist. Therefore, it’s important to choose a clinic of trained practitioners who have the proper skills and knowledge. Our team at Skin Confidence Clinic are well-trained and experienced, capable of providing each client with the proper support and care throughout their treatment and afterwards. Come in for a consultation to find out more about aesthetic treatment for lips in Brisbane.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reverse the results of my lip volume treatment?

If you don’t like the outcome of your lip volume treatment for any reason, there are ways to address this problem. If you develop some lumps or uneven results, your dermal therapist can gently massage the area, which can help adjust the outcome.

In cases where massage cannot correct lumps and unevenness, or you are simply unhappy with the results, you can undergo another procedure to reverse the effects of the treatment.

Are cosmetic volume treatments painful?

The level of pain and discomfort felt during lip volume treatment can vary between patients. To make you feel more comfortable, we can apply a numbing cream to your lips before treatment. Keep in mind that we take care to preserve the comfort of our clients, so you should not feel significant pain.

During the lip volume treatment process, you might feel slight discomfort or a throbbing sensation in your lips. Some patients report a slight pressure. These discomforts are usually tolerable. If you are concerned about pain, this is something you should bring up during your consult.

Is the treatment just for lips?

No. While this treatment is a popular aesthetic treatment for lips, this isn’t the only possible treatment area. Other areas can include the cheeks, tear troughs, and jaw. It’s a good idea to think about the area you wish to treat before your consult. This way, you can articulate your goals and work with your dermal therapist to create a plan. If you’re unsure about your goals, desired results or treatment areas, our team can help you develop a vision for your desired outcomes.

What are the results?

No matter your treatment plan, it’s important to have goals that are realistic. Although it’s good to have a positive outlook, you should also not expect perfection from your lip volume treatment. Everyone is different, which means your treatment plan and results won’t be the same as others’. Contact our Brisbane clinic to find out more about what cosmetic lip treatments can achieve

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