Tear Trough Filler

Tear Trough Reduction Brisbane

Tear Trough Reduction

Tear Trough Reduction Brisbane

Tear troughs are the hollow areas between your cheeks and your lower eyelids. When this hollow is too prominent, it can create a tired appearance. Prominent tear troughs are usually caused by genetics rather than the ageing process. However, volume loss in the mid-cheek can also pull on the lower eyelids, creating an aged appearance.

If you want to restore the youthful glow of your face, you may consider a non-surgical option such as tear trough filler. This procedure adds volume and fullness to the hollow facial areas by injecting a filler that contains a naturally occurring substance.

What to Expect

Dermal filler injections are made up of a substance that occurs naturally in the body. When injected into the hollow areas between your cheeks and lower eyelids, it fills the groove and lifts the tear trough. This creates a smoother, younger, and well-defined facial contour that lasts for several months.

A numbing cream is first applied to your skin to ensure that your treatment is comfortable. From there, a series of fine injections are administered. In most instances, both the tear troughs and the mid-cheek area need to be treated to create the desired outcome.

The entire treatment won’t take longer than 30 minutes, and patients can return to work directly afterwards. It’s important not to touch or rub the area for a day or two after treatment to give the tear trough filler time to settle. You should also avoid vigorous exercises and extreme temperatures for a day or two.

You will require top-up treatments to maintain the results of a tear trough filler treatment.

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Prominent tear troughs are usually
caused by genetics rather
than the ageing process.

Tear Trough Reduction
Tear Trough Reduction

The results of your tear trough treatment will be immediate and can last up to two years.

Ideal candidates for tear trough fillers

To determine whether you will benefit from the procedure, we will assess your general health and expectations during your consultation at Skin Confidence Clinic. Once the tear trough region and skin has been evaluated, you can either go ahead with treatment or discuss alternative treatment options.

In general, you are an ideal candidate for dermal fillers if:

  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You are not pregnant or breastfeeding
  • You are physically and mentally healthy
  • You have healthy, thick skin
  • You have mild to moderate sagging under your eyes
  • You have no skin diseases, bleeding disorders or serious medical conditions
  • You have realistic expectations

Tear trough filler results

The results of your tear trough filler treatment will be immediate and can last up to two years. The longevity of the fillers is different for everyone because the ingredients are metabolised at different rates. To ensure the best and long-lasting results, we will provide you with specific aftercare instructions to follow after your session.

It is also important to keep in mind that the results of dermal fillers are not permanent. Therefore, you may need top-up treatments in the future to maintain your appearance. Once tear troughs begin to become noticeable again, you should schedule an appointment with your dermal therapist.

Reversing the results

If you are unhappy with your results for any reason, we can inject an enzyme in the treated area to reverse the results of the treatment. This special enzyme dissolves the particles of the filler ingredient. As a result, the treated area returns to its original appearance.

Tear trough filler side effects

Any side effects associated with tear trough fillers are temporary and mild. You may experience some bruising, lumpiness, redness and swelling, however this is normal and will disappear within a few days.

Tear trough filler downtime

There is little to no downtime required after your treatment. In fact, you can immediately resume your work and daily activities afterwards. Just make sure to follow the post-treatment instructions to achieve your desired results and prevent unwanted outcomes.

How much does tear trough reduction cost in Brisbane?

At Skin Confidence, we treat every patient as the individual they are. Depending on the severity of your eye hollows, you may require more or less units of dermal filler.

During your initial consultation at Skin Confidence, we will examine your skin and recommend a treatment plan. At this time, we will provide a detailed breakdown of the costs involved.

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