Everything You Need To Know About Tear Trough Volume Treatment

Everything You Need To Know About Tear Trough Volume Treatment

If you’ve heard about volume treatments, you may know that they are designed to target signs of ageing that become visible due to volume loss. But it can also be helpful to know specifically about which areas this procedure can treat. Let’s explore tear trough volume treatment and what this involves.

Tear trough volume treatment targets the under-eye and cheek area, which is a common area for visible ageing. Men and women alike may notice a decline in volume beneath their eyes, which can become more prominent as they get older. This might lead to cosmetic concerns about facial contours, wrinkles, and under-eye fat distribution.

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What are tear troughs?

Tear trough is the term that refers to the space above the cheek and below the upper eyelid. It’s sometimes referred to as the under-eye area. With age, this area can change appearance, which can give the person a desire for cosmetic treatment.

What causes this change? Firstly, the skin around the eyes is particularly sensitive and prone to signs of ageing. This means that as people age, they can expect to develop lines, wrinkles, or some degree of skin laxity. In addition, we often lose facial volume as we age. A loss of facial volume under the eyes can cause the area to appear sunken or darker.

Reasons for tear trough volume treatment

In addition to the natural ageing process, other factors can lead to changes in the tear-trough area.

Weight loss, for example, can have an effect. Men or women who have lost weight may notice volume loss in the face, causing a change in their facial contours. This can contribute to concerns about the appearance of tear troughs.

Another factor is lifestyle and skincare. Habits like smoking can accelerate the ageing process, while on the other hand, habits like regular skincare can help the skin maintain elasticity for longer. Any of these factors can contribute to a person’s reasons for seeking tear trough volume treatment.

Specific concerns might vary between patients, but some of the motivations for seeking the procedure might include:

  • Mild to moderate laxity under the eyes
  • A depressed (sunken) appearance under the eyes
  • Loss of volume between the eyes and cheeks

What the procedure involves

Volume treatment is a kind of cosmetic procedure performed by a trained dermal physician. Although it is non-surgical, there is still a necessary pre-procedure consultation and a post-procedure recovery.

During the procedure, a qualified physician such as Dr Rose may provide a topical numbing. She will then administer the treatment carefully into the space between the cheeks and lower eyelids.

The consultation process

Consultations are an integral part of this cosmetic treatment. It helps us get to know you, assess your needs, and understand your goals. Not only this, but it also helps our patients understand what their desired treatment can do and whether it’s suitable for them. If you’re not sure which treatment may suit your needs, we can talk you through your options and help create a plan that targets your cosmetic concerns.

Also, the consultation is where we can check if you’re a good candidate for under-eye volume treatment. For example, good candidates should:

  • Have cosmetic concerns about their under-eye area
  • Have a good amount of skin elasticity
  • Understand the risks and aftercare involved
  • Have a realistic understanding of the possible results

Results and aftercare

The first thing to know about possible results is that they are patient-specific. This means that the results someone else gets from this treatment may not be the same as the results you would get. It’s important to discuss your potential results with your practitioner so that you can develop realistic and achievable expectations.

If you’re planning to get tear trough volume treatment, you should also know that the results will probably not be visible straight away. There will be some swelling, which means the treated area may appear larger than expected at first. But this shouldn’t cause concern, as the swelling typically subsides in a few days. The results are also temporary, meaning patients can book follow-up treatments if they so choose.

For your aftercare, Dr Rose may advise that you use a cold compress to help settle any swelling. You may also need to avoid sleeping on your face and avoid exercise for a day or two. Ensure that you advise your provider if you notice any unusual symptoms that raise concern.

Know the risks

Another important thing to know is the risks of tear trough volume treatment. Here are some of the possible side effects and complications of volume treatment for tear troughs:

  • Persistent pain
  • Infection
  • Headaches
  • Allergic reactions
  • Persistent swelling
  • Undesired results

Reasons to choose Skin Confidence Clinic for tear trough volume treatment in Brisbane

For anyone thinking about getting tear trough volume treatment, the consultation process is important. You should choose a provider who has adequate training and knowledge in performing volume treatments. This is because only someone with experience can provide the appropriate guidance and care for individuals, taking into account their health and cosmetic aims.

Dr Rose and her skilled team at Skin Confidence Clinic are here to help you begin your cosmetic journey. Contact us or book a private consultation at our Brisbane clinic to find out more about tear trough volume treatment.

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