Fat Freezing Treatment in Brisbane: Things To Know About CLATUU Alpha

Fat Freezing Treatment in Brisbane: Things To Know About CLATUU Alpha

Regardless of diet and exercise, it’s common to have deposits of fat in certain areas of the body. Depending on your body fat distribution, these areas could be the arms, thighs, hip area, abdomen or other areas. Since it’s difficult to get targeted fat reduction with exercise and diet habits alone, this is where CLATUU Alpha fat freezing comes in.

CLATUU Alpha fat freezing is a cosmetic treatment available at Skin Confidence Clinic. Read on to discover more about this treatment option, or contact our team in Brisbane for a consultation.

Why the treatment is done

The first thing to know about CLATUU Alpha fat freezing is its purpose or aim, which is targeted fat reduction.

There are lots of reasons, goals, and cosmetic issues that can prompt a person to seek out cosmetic fat-reduction treatment. Commonly, people who live healthy and active lifestyles can’t achieve their goals with natural methods alone. This means people with unwanted fat deposits often seek an alternative solution, such as fat-freezing cosmetic treatments.

When it comes to fat reduction, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet is important. Possible patients should understand that treatments such as these are not a substitute for being healthy and active. Instead, it can help a person move towards their cosmetic goals, beyond what they can achieve through lifestyle habits.

How it works

Now, let’s explore how it works. CLATUU Alpha fat freezing uses a method called cryolipolysis. Cryolipolysis refers to the process of using extremely cold temperatures to freeze the fat in targeted areas.

Thanks to the development of this cosmetic technique, practitioners can target and destroy fat cells whilst avoiding harm to the surrounding skin and other structures. In particular, CLATUU Alpha is an FDA-approved technology that uses a suction mechanism to evenly cool the fat cells in the target area. This device features a 360° cooling applicator, a dual handpiece system, and can reach the target temperature faster than other devices.

The procedure generally takes less than 40 minutes, and afterwards, the body’s natural processes remove the eliminated fat cells.

Treatable areas

We can treat a variety of areas, and this will depend on the patient’s wishes and the exact areas where they desire fat reduction. The most common areas include the:

  • Abdomen
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Knees
  • Hip area
  • Chest and back

If you are unsure about which areas can be treated, you can discuss this with your practitioner at a consultation.

The possible risks and side effects

Before a cosmetic treatment, including before CLATUU Alpha, you should ask your practitioner about the risks. Being aware of the possible risks and side effects not only helps patients make informed decisions, but also helps manage expectations.

For example, possible side effects of this procedure include redness, sensitivity, bruising, and swelling. These usually resolve within a few days. However, if these symptoms are prolonged or severe, or if you notice any other adverse symptoms, be sure to contact your practitioner.

Why choose Skin Confidence Clinic for fat freezing treatment in Brisbane

The most reliable way to get more information about CLATUU Alpha fat freezing is to consult with a cosmetic practitioner. Dr Rose and her friendly team are happy to answer questions and guide potential patients in making decisions that work for them. This typically occurs in a consultation.

Consultations are a good way to gain reliable information about your desired treatment, understand whether you are a candidate, and talk through the possible risks and benefits.

You are welcome to contact our team or read more about CLATUU Alpha treatment at Skin Confidence Clinic in Brisbane.

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