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Fotona F22 Fractional Laser Resurfacing

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Why choose the XS Fotona Dynamis?

As we age so does our skin. Our skin reflects the effects of ageing and can make you look older than you are. We recommend the XS Fotona Dynamis for patients who are looking to create a more youthful appearance and reduce the visibility of any skin conditions. Here at Skin Confidence we use the F-22 fractional handpiece (F-Runner) to stimulate the skin’s healing process and therefore collagen and elastin. This skin resurfacing treatment uses laser energy to create healthier, thicker skin.

The XS Fotona Dynamis laser is a machine that emits erbium-based lasers. These erbium lasers are used to target skin rejuvenation and scar revision. The XS Fotona Dynamis ablates the skin and therefore the skin absorbs the energy. The skin begins to be resurfaced as it absorbs the energy. The laser gently heats the skin and regenerates new healthier skin cells.

How it works

The XS Fotona works by producing small channels in the skin with heat to stimulate the body’s healing response. The FF-22 fractional handpiece ablates the skin and this procedure provides minimal downtime. The fractional energy is absorbed by water and therefore the skin absorbs the energy. Once this energy is absorbed by the skin, new healthy skin cells are stimulated. This procedure can be customised by our team to suit your skincare needs.

What to expect

Before the treatment, you will have a consultation with our team to determine your suitability to the treatment. In the consultation Dr Rose Niu will explain the procedure and you will also be given the opportunity to discuss your ideal outcomes for the treatment. Dr Niu will create a tailored treatment plan for your individual needs and skin concerns. You will be given an eye shield to wear to protect your eyes.

The fractional laser resurfacing treatment lasts for approximately 30 minutes. Dr Niu will apply the handpiece to the treatment area and you will then feel a warming sensation as a result. This mild heating is not painful and the laser resurfacing is known to only be minimally uncomfortable.

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The Fotona F22 fractional laser can revise scars,
treat skin concerns and reduce excess hair permanently to create a smooth, youthful complexion.

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The Fotona works by producing small channels in the skin with heat to stimulate the body’s healing response.

What Can Be Treated with Fotona?

The XS Fotona Dynamis is used to treat several concerns such as:

  • Scar revision (including acne scars)
  • Skin resurfacing
  • Acne revision
  • Vascular conditions
  • Pigmentation
  • Melasma
  • Excess hair
  • Onychomycosis
  • Laser lipolysis
  • Endovascular treatments
  • Hyperhidrosis

Ideal Candidates for Fotona

The Fotona fractional laser is suited to patients who experience sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines and acne scarring. The treatment targets fair, mild and moderate skin types. The Fotona laser can treat olive or darker skin types however there is a higher risk of scarring, hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation. We recommend pregnant patients avoid this treatment. Those with keloid scarring should not undergo the Fotona fractional laser treatment.

Dr Niu will determine your suitability for the Fotona fractional laser treatment in your consultation with Skin Confidence. Each laser resurfacing treatment can be customised to suit your skin concerns and ageing.

Fotona Results

Each patient will experience different results however a majority of patients will have smoother, younger looking skin. The Fotona laser will improve the tone and texture of your skin by reducing the visibility of the skin concerns and conditions. The XS Fotona Dynamis will stimulate the body’s healing process which will produce collagen and elastin in the skin. Collagen and elastin production will take time and therefore your results will take time to fully show. We encourage our patients to seek follow-up treatments to maintain their results.

How many treatments will I need?

Each patient and their skin is different and therefore the number of treatments for each person differs. Dr Niu will personalise your treatment plan to determine you have the right number of treatments for your skin. Our team will explain how many treatments you will need in your consultation. As your skin begins ageing again, you will need a follow-up appointment to maintain your results.

Fotona Recovery

After the procedure, your skin will feel warm from the treatment and this will settle not long after the treatment. There is no downtime needed for this procedure. Patients can resume their regular routine immediately. We do recommend patients to avoid excess sun exposure and to use sunscreen to ensure you protect your skin.

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