How Sciton BBL can create youthful, clear, and tight skin

How Sciton BBL can create youthful, clear, and tight skin

Age spots, rosacea, acne, and skin laxity are all common skin concerns that we can face at some stage of our lives. Whether these concerns are caused by the natural slowing of collagen production that occurs as we age, the reddening that fine facial vessels can create, or acne-causing bacteria, we want to find a high-quality treatment that can improve our skin. Sciton BBL (BroadBand Light Therapy) delivers powerful pulsed light treatments, improving the appearance of pigmentation, signs of aging skin, and acne. With the help of this advanced, non-invasive, state-of-the-art technology, our skin can appear soft, glowing, smooth and clean.

When should we seek treatment for skin pigmentation, skin laxity, and acne concerns?

Skin concerns such as the inevitable signs of aging, sun spots from excessive sun exposure, or persistent acne that we can’t seem to get under control can lower our confidence levels and make us feel uncomfortable in our own skin. When the damage on our skin begins to damage our self-esteem, it can be life-changing to seek treatment with innovative technology that can help to restore your skin health and your self-confidence. If you are seeking clearer, smoother and youthful skin, and do not currently have any sunburn on the areas that you want to treat, you are a great candidate for treatment with Sciton BBL BroadBand Light Therapy.

Heal your skin and get that youthful look at Skin Confidence

With the help of the sophisticated Sciton technology, our team at Skin Confidence can help you achieve the clear, youthful, and healthy skin that you long for. For a personalised treatment experience, treatments can be tailored to suit your individual needs and achieve the outcome that you desire. Whether you need to boost your body’s collagen production process that has been slowed down with age, or target bacteria that can cause acne, Sciton BBL BroadBand Light Therapy can help.

Four types of skin-transforming treatments

The amazing, technologically advanced, and non-invasive alternative to injectables or surgery can perform four types of treatments, individually designed to target specific skin concerns.

  • Forever Young
    To wind back the clock on your skin, a non-invasive light energy is sent deep into the skin, targeting damaged skin cells and stimulating collagen production. While fighting the signs of aging that are already visible on your skin, the treatment can be used as a preventative measure, stopping the aging process in its tracks.
  • Forever Flawless
    Using a powerful thermal energy, the melanin that causes the appearance of pigmentation, freckles, and age spots is targeted, encouraging the skin to naturally repair the treatment area. The thermal energy can also target the facial vessels that can cause redness, harmonising the appearance of the skin. Thanks to the smoothing effect that Forever Flawless can create, the skin can also look glowing and radiant, as natural light is able to bounce off clearer skin much more effectively.
  • Forever Clear
    With a three-step method combining yellow, blue and infrared light, stubborn acne is cleared to reveal smoother and healthier skin. The targeted blue light energy kills the acne-causing bacteria, before the yellow light is used to calm the acne, reducing inflammation. Infrared energy then boosts the body’s natural collagen production process, helping to heal and prevent acne scarring.
  • Skin Tyte
    To tighten the skin on any area of the body, infrared light therapy is delivered in a method of rapid and gentle pulses. The treatment works to boost collagen production, naturally firming the loose skin over time.

To chat about the signs of aging that you would like to improve, book a consultation at Skin Confidence Brisbane and we can develop a personalised treatment plan for you. Get in touch today to learn more!

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