Introducing Skin Confidence Clubhouse!

Introducing Skin Confidence Clubhouse!

Introducing Skin Confidence Clubhouse, providing exclusive deals and offers to members, at our three clinics. Dr Rose and her team provide a variety of high-quality treatments, supported by advanced technologies and years of experience. These excellent treatments are now offered alongside a variety of Clubhouse member deals to help you get the most out of your experience at Skin Confidence!

Advanced treatments such as Ultraformer III, Accent Prime, LaseMD, and PicoSure Pro, along with a multitude of others, are accessible to members at a 20% discount. This, along with other benefits, provides access to exclusive opportunities and offers when seeking cosmetic treatment options, unique to our clinics and customers.

For men or women seeking the best deals on professional cosmetic treatment, consider becoming a VIP Clubhouse member and receive exclusive benefits.

Your Skin Confidence Clubhouse Credit

Receive a $1100 Skin Confidence Clubhouse credit at a price of only $1000. This means each time you top-up you top up $1000, you will get $100 of extra credit.

Get your Skin Confidence Clubhouse Credit, or inquire with our friendly team for more information.

What are the benefits of Clubhouse membership?

If you are looking to get the most out of your treatment options at Skin Confidence, our new membership benefits give our clients the best range of options at the fairest prices. The Skin Confidence Clubhouse Credit can be used on all devices, therapist treatments, and skincare products.

Become a VIP at Skin Confidence Clubhouse and enjoy the benefits at our three clinics. VIPs can enjoy:

  • 20% off our listing price on all device treatments
  • Exclusive Skin Confidence offers and packages
  • Complimentary treatments when topping up 2k and over
  • Price matches, and the fairest prices in Australia
  • Credit back to redeem parking fees up to $20 in CBD
  • An exclusive parking space at Teneriffe Boutique
  • One-on-one, personal service at Teneriffe Boutique

Get the most out of your experience at Skin Confidence!

Get your VIP membership or get in contact for more details on our exclusive Clubhouse membership. Membership credits do not expire, so you can enjoy long-lasting benefits and the fairest prices on your favourite Skin Confidence treatments and products.

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