Considering Lip Fillers? Here is Everything You Need to Know

Considering Lip Fillers? Here is Everything You Need to Know

Dreaming of luscious, kissable lips? Lip fillers are definitely having their moment, and there’s no doubt that this popular treatment can transform your lips to enhance your entire look. So, if you are considering plumping your pout, keep reading to check out our guide to everything lip filler.

What are lip fillers?

Lip augmentation, usually referred to as lip fillers, is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment designed to enhance and volumise your lips with an injectable filler. Such fillers are usually made of a water-binding sugar derivative found naturally in the body that provides a plumping effect at the surface of the skin.

There are several different brands and types of lip filler, which your injector will discuss with you during a consultation. Lip injections are super versatile, and the right filler for you will depend on your ultimate treatment goal, whether that’s to balance asymmetry or add dramatic volume.

Benefits of lip fillers

While many associate lip fillers with dramatic, plumped up lips, the treatment offers a number of other benefits, including:

  • Naturally enhances the appearance of the lips: Lip fillers aren’t just for patients seeking influencer-like lips. Injecting small amounts of filler can create natural, subtle fullness to desired areas.
  • Restores symmetry to uneven lips: Is one lip larger than the others? Adding lip filler to just the upper or lower lip can add balance to your overall appearance.
  • Reduces signs of age: In addition to adding volume, lip fillers can also decrease the appearance of fine lines on the lips and surrounding the mouth.
  • Results are only temporary: Lip filler results don’t last forever, so if you’re unhappy with how they look, rest assured that your lips will return to normal in time.
  • Immediate results, no downtime: You’ll notice a difference in your lips immediately after treatment. Plus, with no downtime required, you can resume your daily activities straight away.

Choosing the right cosmetic injector

While lip fillers are a non-surgical cosmetic treatment, they are still slightly invasive and should only be administered by someone with a medical background. As such, you should never opt for cheap lip fillers, as this could put your health and safety at serious risk.

Administering lip injections requires a blend of scientific knowledge, artistry, and experience. When searching for a lip injector, we suggest booking a consultation so that you can drill them on their qualifications, look at before and after photos and see whether they may be a good fit. After all, you want your injector to be someone you can trust with your face!

At Skin Confidence, our cosmetic injectors are highly experienced and have thorough knowledge on how to safely inject fillers, prevent infection and minimise bruising. You can check our full list of cosmetic injectables here.

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What should I expect during my lip injections?

Before a lip enhancement treatment at Skin Confidence Clinic here in Brisbane, we always see you first for a consultation to get an idea of your aesthetic goals and expectations. From there, we’ll create a treatment plan and suggest the best filler for you.

The lip injection procedure itself is rather simple. As your fillers are administered, you may feel a slight pinch or ‘stinging sensation’, and there may be some slight bleeding and bruising at the injection site.  If you are concerned about the pain, you can opt to have your lips numbed with a topical anaesthetic prior to treatment. The treatment itself is super quick, and you should be out of the clinic within 30 minutes.

How much filler do I need?

The right amount of filler for you will ultimately depend on your desired results. Usually, we recommend one syringe, or one ml, of filler for first-time patients to achieve an all-over enhancement whilst maintaining a natural look. However, if once swelling has subsided, you still desire a plumper appearance, we welcome you to return to the clinic to see whether an extra syringe can help achieve your cosmetic goals. At Skin Confidence, we believe in gradual lip plumping to ensure that your final results are exactly what you hoped for.

Is there anything I need to do before treatment?

For two weeks before your lip filler appointment, you will need to avoid blood thinners, such as painkillers, vitamin E, fish oil and alcohol. Doing so will prevent your risk of bleeding and bruising during treatment.

Additionally, lip injections can potentially trigger a flare-up in cold sores. If you are prone to cold sores, please discuss this with your injector during your consultation, as you may need to take preventative medication before your filler appointment. Other than that, lip fillers require minimal preparation, which is why it is so frequently referred to as a “lunchtime procedure”.

What happens after my lip injection treatment?

Lip fillers require absolutely no downtime, so you are free to return to daily activities immediately after treatment. However, there is one exception. You will need to avoid exercise for around 24 hours (sorry, gym junkies!), as elevated blood pressure can worsen bruising and swelling.

Regardless, some minor swelling and bruising are common after lip injections. You can minimise this by following simple aftercare instructions, such as:

  • Ice your lips intermittently throughout the evening
  • Sleep with your head slightly elevated
  • Avoid alcohol and other blood thinners for a further 24 hours
  • Steer clear from having a hot shower the night of treatment
  • Unless advised by your injector, do not massage or put firm pressure on the lips for at least a week

Once swelling has subsided, you’ll start to see the final results of your injections. Hello, plump lips!

How long do lip fillers last?

With time, lip fillers will be naturally metabolised by the body. The rate at which this occurs will depend on numerous factors, such as the type and amount of filler used and the patient’s lifestyle, age, and skin type. At Skin Confidence, we usually recommend top-up sessions every six to 12 months.

However, if you, for whatever reason, are unhappy with your results, you’re in luck. Your injector can inject an eraser enzyme desired to break down the particles and fasten the rate at which fillers dissolve.

Ready for your lip filler consultation?

Have we convinced you to give lip fillers a go? The first step of your journey is to book a consultation at Skin Confidence. We can’t wait to help you achieve a smoother, plumper pout!