Fotona 6D Face and Neck Lift Offer


Fotona 6D Face and Neck Lift Offer


Turn back the clock with Fotona 6D at Skin Confidence Clinic!

Experience an improved skin texture and tone with this unique blend of technologies for a rejuvenated look and a boost in skin health. This month, we are offering this special treatment for $680 per session, valued at $850.

With this high-quality treatment, we can help you achieve your skin goals and restore a sense of youthful confidence. Inquire today to find out how you can attain an improved skin texture, tone, and quality!

  • Repairs damaged skin cells
  • Stimulates collagen and elastin production
  • Tightens and strengthens the skin
  • Reduces dark spots and other pigmentation
  • Refines and minimises pores, for smoother skin
  • Improves texture, tone, and overall skin quality