Rejuvenate Your Skin with Non-Surgical Facelift at Skin Confidence

Owing to the body’s natural loss of collagen, the face and neck are some of the first areas to display signs of ageing. Collagen is what helps the skin to be strong and elastic, which means as it depletes, wrinkles and laxity can start to appear.

But the good news: modern technology has paved the way for non-surgical facelifting. This means you can get a boost of skin radiance and resilience with gentle modern treatments that harness your body’s natural collagen and healing.

Skin Confidence Clinic is offering a range of yearly, monthly or weekly non-invasive skin tightening options tailored just for you and your skin. Dr Rose and her dedicated and qualified team are proud to present clients with customised treatments that facilitate ongoing skin rejuvenation and revival.

What is a non-surgical facelift?

Thanks to modern cosmetic innovation, surgery isn’t the only way to lift the skin. Our cutting-edge technology is designed to infuse elasticity and vibrancy. This means you can enjoy firmer skin with treatments that have a great track record of efficiency and enduring results!

Non-surgical facelifts involve a treatment plan, uniquely designed to meet your needs. At Skin Confidence, we have a selection of innovative treatments available, from radiofrequency to ultrasound and laser treatments. Speak to Dr Rose and our experienced therapists to discover your path to non-surgical face lifting.

Yearly, monthly, and weekly skin-tightening treatment

Telling us about your cosmetic goals is your first step towards your rejuvenating, bespoke treatment plan. To cater to your needs, our team of professionals can develop a weekly, monthly, or yearly plan to help you get and maintain your rejuvenating results. This might involve a selection of the following options:


  • Sofwave – SUPERB™ 7 cylindrical ultrasound energy in one shot
  • Thermage FLX – Radiofrequency pilate for face, neck, and eyelids
  • Ultherapy – DeepSEE® gold standard for HIFU precision
  • Ultraformer MPT – 360° HIFU face neck lifting & hydration


  • Fotona – Anti-ageing 6D laser
  • Ultraformer III HIFU – Best value 7D HIFU skin tightening
  • ULTRAcelQ+ – 9D linear HIFU
  • Ultraformer MPT – 10D superimposed 417 HIFU points in one line


  • Alma Accent Prime – Ultrasound & radiofrequency skin tightening
  • Venus Legacy – Multi-polar radiofrequency & pulsed electromagnetic fields skin tightening

These advanced treatments use technologies such as radiofrequency and ultrasound to target the underlying structures of the skin. They trigger thermal heating in order to stimulate cell renewal and revive the skin from the inside. An ongoing skincare regimen, combined with your bespoke treatment plan, leaves your skin with radiance and resilience.

Experience skin rejuvenation with a non-surgical facelift!

At Skin Confidence, we take pride in offering personalised treatment with high-quality innovation and products. Our clients are able to sculpt, rejuvenate, and enrich their skin, targeting facial ageing and boosting collagen and elastin. If you are looking for a non-surgical treatment for lines, wrinkles, and skin laxity, look no further than a custom treatment plan at Skin Confidence!

Harmonise your skincare routine with dedicated skin rejuvenation treatment at Skin Confidence Clinic, with a unique non-surgical facelift!

Get in touch with our friendly team at our Brisbane CBD or Teneriffe Boutique clinics. We will inquire about your needs and design a plan that compliments your cosmetic desires for non-surgical face lifting.

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