Treat your Skin to our Jelly Mask Facial For the Festive Season

Treat your Skin to our Jelly Mask Facial For the Festive Season

Maintaining your skin’s health is an important part of your overall healthcare, however skincare is an element that is often neglected. Maintaining a skincare routine is a great way to hydrate and protect your skin from effects of your daily lifestyle. When the skin is neglected it begins to build up debris, sweat and oil, leading to signs of premature ageing.

Here at Skin Confidence, we recommend a jelly mask facial to improve your skincare routine and refresh your skin regularly. Jelly Mask Facials are a skincare enhancement that uses tailored ingredients to target several skin concerns.

What is a Jelly Mask Facial and how does it work?

Face masks come in several forms including clay-based and sheet masks. A Jelly Mask Facial is a powder-based mask that mixes with water to create the hydrating jelly-like substance used to treat your skin. The jelly fits right to the contours of your face and therefore does not need holes for your eyes and lips. The jelly will rest over your features and rejuvenate the skin. The facial masks restore and re-hydrate dry and wrinkled skin.

The treatment begins with our doctors cleansing the face before using hot towels to open your pores. The skin will then be exfoliated to create a clean facial surface for the treatment. The Jelly Mask will then be applied to the skin which takes around 20 minutes to solidify. Once solid, the face mask creates a vacuum-like seal that sends the mask’s properties to the skin’s pores. Our team then removes the mask by peeling it off.

How is the Jelly Mask Facial different from other facial masks?

The Jelly Mask Facial is a quick, easy-to-apply face mask that can be removed quickly without the mess associated with other face masks. The Jelly Mask Facial uses the vacuum seal to send the ingredients of the mask into the skin, providing deeper and more intense hydration than previous facial masks. We customise the treatment to you by tailoring the mask’s ingredients to match your skin concerns. Once absorbed by the skin, the mask’s ingredients can moisturise, smooth, cleanse, exfoliate and tone the skin.

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