Your Destination for Non-Surgical Face Lifting

Your Destination for Non-Surgical Face Lifting

Surgery isn’t the only option if you want to tighten your skin. Developments in non-invasive cosmetic technology mean that you can get firmer skin without needing to undergo surgery. Our dermal clinicians at Skin Confidence are trained to understand the unique skin needs of individuals so we can provide customised professional skincare.

Our minimally invasive technologies have a great patient satisfaction record and require little to no downtime. Get a personalised treatment plan for non-surgical skin tightening skin at Skin Confidence Clinic!

Benefits of Skin Tightening Treatments

There are many reasons people might choose non-surgical options for skin tightening. For one thing, it eliminates the need for long recovery times associated with surgery. It might also work better for people who want a less drastic solution.

Another great advantage of non-surgical skin treatment is that it not only treats existing signs of ageing but helps prevent future wrinkles and skin laxity. This is achieved by targeting the structures of the skin’s connective tissue, called collagen. Fighting against collagen depletion is one of the most common non-invasive ways to reduce signs of ageing, especially with an ongoing treatment plan.

Increasing the skin’s production of collagen helps to keep it strong and healthy. And this has aesthetic effects. Stronger and firmer skin means fewer lines and wrinkles, and greater resistance to skin laxity.

Our Technology at Skin Confidence

Our team carefully designs personalised and comprehensive treatment plans, with our selection:

  • Sofwave – Ultrasound beam technology to reduce skin laxity
  • Thermal FLX – Radiofrequency to combat signs of ageing
  • Ultherapy – High-frequency sound waves to improve facial contours
  • Alma Accent Prime – RF and ultrasound for versatile skin-boosting
  • Ultracel Q+ – Skin tightening with HIFU technology
  • Ultraformer III – Triggers the body’s natural healing mechanisms
  • Venus Legacy – RF energy stimulates collagen and skin tightening
  • Fotona Laser Treatments – Wavelengths target deeper layers of skin
  • Ultraforma MPT – Triggers collagen for skin repair and signs of ageing

What’s the difference Between Radiofrequency and Ultrasound?

The above treatments each harness a combination of technology to trigger effects in the skin. But how do they work? A key to understanding this is to know about a couple of the most common modalities – radiofrequency (RF) and ultrasound.

While both RF and ultrasound can achieve skin-tightening effects, they work a bit differently. RF uses a kind of electromagnetic energy, heating the layers of the skin and causing micro-injuries. This triggers your body’s healing response, stimulates collagen, and helps treat things like lines and wrinkles. Ultrasound, on the other hand, is a kind of sound energy that also transmits energy and heat into the skin. In some cases, this energy can penetrate deeper, smoothing lines and wrinkles while targeting deeper fat cells.

That all being said, both RF and ultrasound stimulate collagen production, and both can be very effective in treating signs of ageing. Your dermal clinician will help you determine which type of treatment would be suited to you.

Choose Skin Confidence for Your Non-Surgical Face Lifting Treatment!

Whether you’re looking to boost and refresh your skin, reduce blemishes, or target signs of ageing, our non-surgical treatments have a great deal to offer.

By naturally triggering collagen and elastin production, the treatments not only restore youthful-looking skin but also improve your skin health at a deep level. Avoid the more invasive skin rejuvenation methods by choosing Skin Confidence for your rejuvenating treatment.

Our team here at Skin Confidence aim to understand your skin needs to recommend the best possible treatment. Contact us to learn more about these innovative anti-ageing options!

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